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Large-Batch Chicken Pasta Salad

This Large-Batch Chicken Pasta Salad is just the quick and easy recipe that you need for family reunions, potlucks, backyard barbecues, and easy dinners!


- Bowtie pasta - Rotini pasta - Red grapes - Pineapple tidbits - Mandarine oranges - Chicken - Celery - Craisins - Coleslaw dressing

Recipe Cost: $10.67

Per Serving: $0.67


First, cook pasta in two separate pots, and cook as per package directions. Drain the pasta and run it under cold water until cool.


Next, add the pasta to a large bowl. Add the pineapple, oranges, chicken, celery, craisins, and coleslaw dressing to the pasta.


Mix until everything is distributed evenly and the pasta is coated in the dressing.


Finally, chill the pasta salad overnight in the refrigerator.

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